baktron (baktron) wrote,

Hey Skidmarks,

I miss you.

I miss waiting for you to arrive at my doorstep and pretending like I wasn't expecting you when actually I've been clearing the mess in my room like a maniac all night.

I miss the rough of your moustache and beard on my skin when we kiss and the way your arms encircle me and how the cavity seems like it was invented for the sole purpose of my filling it.

I miss the way you creep up from behind and hold me when I'm standing at the sink doing the dishes.

I miss our late-night driving sessions to nowhere.

I miss just wasting time at the lookout, sitting in the passenger seat looking at you smoke your pipe.

I miss how when we go skating you're always twenty yards ahead of me.

I miss how we go skating by the beach front.

I miss how you carry me when we go swimming.

I miss your smell.

I miss the smell of fresh clothes you pack in your bag when you stay the weekend.

I miss listening to you strum the same tune on the guitar over and over and over again.

I miss how we eat so irregularly and how you don't mind going for a Kangaroo burger.

I miss how you're not a breakfast person.

I miss being asked to get you your beer.

I miss the invasions in the bathroom while I'm in the shower or taking a leak.

I miss how you run your toothbrush under the tap right after you've put the toothpaste on.

I miss watching you come up the stairs with only your jeans on after your morning cigarette.

I miss sitting at the café, playing drafts and letting my coffee go cold.

I miss you and it is eating me up inside.

I wonder if you miss me though I know it is highly unlikely. I kill myself thinking you're out there doing all these things with somebody else and they don't even notice how your eyes are aquamarine.

I miss your laughter lines and I miss how you make me laugh.

I miss you and it kills me.
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