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Let Go

It's only been two days and I am already itching to leave this place. I've packed another 17 kilograms of my life into this suitcase and I am ready to get up and out the door. I want to return to the country where I lost and concurrently found my self. I want to breathe her clear air and lovingly tread on her soft sands. I want to sink into the arms of the man I am in love with.

But it is not any fun, getting off a flight and being welcomed by ghosts. I am dying to go back to Sydney but I am not looking forward to it. I dread making my way back to the new place all alone, and having to spend the night outside because I do not have the keys to the door. And what I dread most is sinking into the arms of the man I am in love with for his soul has died and his eyes are hollow and his wrinkles have grown deeper and his cheeks have been sucked dry of their youth.

Angus Stone, I am here waiting for you to take me for a ride on a big jet plane. And bring a bottle with you, I need a shot of Salvation and two of Sanity. Cheers.
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