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Serendipity and The Start of a Series of Sleepless Nights

Here I sit, finding myself smiling for no particular reason; for multiple reasons. I can't sleep because I've been looking up good music, reading about the Golden Spiral, subconsciously falling in deep like (or maybe consciously). It's a quarter past and I'm wide awake. I have a class at 9am and I know I should get some rest. I want to shoot a text but I know I shouldn't wake him.

Every call is a breath of fresh air. I wish I had the capacity for aural memory because I love the sound of his voice through the receiver and God knows I hate the Australian accent with fiery passion but this is an exception. There's something about it, a ring to it, a warmth in it. I could listen for hours - and that's exactly what I've been doing. I cannot remember the last time I was engaged in a long telephone conversation with substance. Actually, I can and that was with Jeremy but that was a good month ago and it lasted a whole/mere hour. But with K, even 4 hours isn't enough. I can almost hear his voice but like I said, I lack in the ability to retain human voices in my aural capacity. I wonder if he's asleep and if not, whether he is thinking about my voice and if he is thinking about ringing me up at this ungodly hour.

Life is good. I am constantly surrounded by great conversationalists. Aini is there for me at uni (which takes up a lot of time and thank God for that) and Pearl is there for me when we're both at home. Jeremy entertains for the occasional event when I feel lavish and decide to treat myself to a long-distance phonecall. And now I have K. For when I am walking home, for when I am in the kitchen cooking the next day's lunch, for n'importe quoi. And I hope that this will be the case for many more days to come. Or maybe years, if I may be brave enough to say so. And especially so with Aini, because she is my happy pill. My many problems fall out the window when I think about the company I surround myself with.

I have it good and yet I whinge about life. But I can foresee that that will all change in the coming days. If Lady Luck is on my side. And I pray for my sanity that she will be kind and giving this time around.

I am happy. And I think this could be the first time I've said that with truth.

I am happy.

Yes, I truly am happy.

I see a change and Change is truly coming.
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